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Where the name "Mintaka" Comes From
"MINTAKA" is derived from Al Mintakah, 'the Belt', and is the first star in the Belt of Orion seen rising above the horizon. Ancient astrologers considered it as portending good fortune.
Within the last several years the Belt of Orion was found to be in precise alignment with the pyramids at Giza in Egypt. The story goes that the last Pharaoh of Egypt, who was considered the most powerful when compared with his predecessors, could have built the greatest of all the pyramids. However, he understood his place in the grand scheme of things and built himself the smallest of the three pyramids, Menkaura, which is aligned with Mintaka, the star.

We at Mintaka understand our place within the IT industry universe. Although we recognize that Mintaka is not the answer to all of the industry's problems, we strongly believe that we have a crucial part to play in the emerging discipline of software security required for organizations to prosper in today's increasingly complex and insecure world




Mintaka - the first star in the Belt of Orion





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