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Mintaka SSE


The SSE™ Portal is a web-based software development environment that enables collaboration between programmers with unparalleled security resulting in higher visibility of projects and transparency of the software development process. It protects against threats from external hackers and internal malicious programmers, allowing organizations to minimize operational risk by controlling internal processes and/or leveraging cost-effective outsourcing options It integrates into existing development environments, extending painlessly to the web for a broad-based community to increase the availability of data and enable effective planning of project scope and schedules. The SSE™ Portal optimizes business operations and communications in real time and the participative nature of the collaborative development philosophy enables a corporate-wide buy-in of common practices.


Mintaka SSI


The SSI™ Portals integrate into existing development environments giving IT departments a proactive security posture to increase real time vigilance against malicious coding activities and reduce operational risk.

It provides superior business intelligence capabilities of EVERY programmer's interaction with its code assets, protecting and supporting development exercises, while allowing for the prerequisite flexibility and growth for a balanced security strategy without impacting the productivity of the development environment.

If the SSE™ Portal is like having still pictures of a secured building, the SSI™ Portals offer organizations the equivalence of installing video cameras and burglar alarms throughout that entire building.

The SSI™ Suite of solutions is parsed into three distinct web-service offerings:
Surveillance Prtals SSI™ Surveillance Portals protect your source code with a proactive security posture.
Productivity Portals SSI™ Productivity Portals province superior analysis of software problems.
Programmer Portlets SSI™ Programmer Port lets offer unparalleled support to your developers.

The aggregation of all programmer activities into a centralized database for analysis creates a powerful business intelligence capability that increases surveillance, with greater vigilance against malicious coding activities, superior productivity analysis of software processes and most critically the means to secure the integrity of an organization's information assets.

Secure your development environment and unleash the power of superior business intelligence.



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