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The SSE™ Portal is a web-based software development environment that enables collaboration between programmers – whether internal or outsourced – with unparalleled security. It protects against threats from external hackers and internal malicious programmers to allow organizations to leverage cost-effective outsourcing options while minimizing operational risk. It combines simplicity and high security to online collaboration with custom installations in addition to standardized security configurations.

The SSE™ Portal’s collaborative techniques create higher visibility of data used to make project control decisions. It allows for a broad-based community, ensuring an increased breadth of available critical project data. It enables effective planning of project scope and schedules by increasing the accuracy and availability of historical data. The participative nature of the collaborative development philosophy enables a corporate-wide buy-in of common practices.


The SSE™ Portal is secured beyond an organization’s firewall to:

Protect the integrity of assets, increasing surveillance of the development environment.
Protect against threat of malicious attacks and the theft of Intellectual Property.
Collaborate and communicate point-to-point using web standards.
Accelerate information exchange and greatly improve project transparency.
Lower operational risk, mitigating security vulnerabilities to outsource with confidence.
Integrate into existing environments, extending to the web for rapid implementation.
Respond to changing needs, cultural differences and infrastructure risks in real-time.
Police across the extended enterprise without onerous security policies.
Complete projects seamlessly by automating business operations and communications.
View project status, optimizing project management efforts in real time on the web.
Document code automatically for educational and security references.
Post plans, designs, and code to company-wide peer reviews to improve software quality.
Grant bi-directional access to documents to authorized users across the globe on the web.
Prevent virus infections in the development environment through web based collaboration.
Capture, publish, manage and archive all knowledge capital as it is created.
Review, validate and audit a project’s history to bring new members quickly up to speed.
Restrict access to source code based on each user’s project and security credentials.
Manage lists, facilitate inter-group discussions and enable users to access multiple projects.
Accelerate decision making by organizing important data into a single window.
Improve customer satisfaction giving stakeholders web-based views to projects.

The SSE™ Portal is an integral part of a virtual team’s collaboration toolset, improving the efficiency of complex project execution through better onsite-offsite partnership. This results in immediate cost savings through reduced development time, with higher levels of assurance and ultimately, the knowledge that software is secure from real world vulnerabilities and attacks.


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