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The SSE™ Portal integrates into existing development environments, extending a broad-based community to the web to enable effective planning of project scope and schedules. It helps onsite managers to maintain control of projects while building trust between offsite and onsite teams, especially critical when undertaking offshore IT initiatives.



The SSE™ offers numerous ways to maximize productivity and security. Features include:

• SSE™ Artifacts: add text documents, news articles, HTML pages, and bookmarks.
• Threaded discussion boards: Organize and shares collective knowledge without mass emails.
• Note Board: Display announcements and draws attention to new content.
• Shared Lists: Share information including databases, task lists, and websites.
• Projects Calendar: Display scheduled task, meetings, reminders, and project milestones.
• Imaging: Provide online image catalogs with comment boards.
• File Sharing: Store and share any file with tailored restrictions on uploading or downloading.
• Chat: Facilitate real time meetings without disturbing a company’s existing security practices.
• Software Group Messaging: Provide instant pier-to-pier communication between members.
• Group List: Track and log project membership and access.
• Invite Others: Invite members via automated email invitations.
• Feedback: Permit document authors to receive direct feedback from users.
• Preferences: Allow users to customize personal data, profiles and preferences.
• Tracking: Capture and archive all knowledge capital as it is created.
• Security: protect collaboration with unbreakable 128bit encryption security.

The SSE™ Portal enables collaboration between programmers with unparalleled security resulting in higher visibility of projects and transparency of the development process. It secures development environments for internal and outsourced development projects.

The SSE™ Portal reduces operational risk from external hackers and malicious programmers by controlling internal processes and leveraging cost-effective outsourcing options. It optimizes operations and communications in real time with a collaborative development philosophy that enables a corporate-wide buy-in of common practices.

Develop software in a secure collaborative environment and police the extended enterprise in real time.


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